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Delegates: To act as a delegate for a PI (for example to complete an application for a PI) you must first log in as yourself and then choose Delegate Login from the Inbox or choose Login as a Delegate under Personalize. (The PI must first log in and make you a delegate using Update My Delegates under Personalize.)

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Help and Guidance – The blue “information” icon provides guidance regarding the desired content for specific questions in the HawkIRB application. These messages open in a separate window. If the window doesn’t open, you may already have a window open from a previous “information” message. Check the tool bar on your computer screen.

Follow Links – Links to additional information are provided in the body of some of the HawkIRB questions. These links go to the Guide for Human Subjects Research at the University of Iowa or specific pages on the Human Subjects Office web site.

HawkIRB System – HawkIRB forms are “smart forms.” The way you answer questions in the application either opens or closes other questions or whole sections of the form. The Informed Consent/Assent documents are also “smart” in that the way you answer questions in the HawkIRB application ensure that the necessary template language is inserted in the document(s) for a specific study. It is strongly recommended that you complete responses in the entire HawkIRB application before generating the Informed Consent Document or Assent Document.


HSO\IRB FAQ Available! Did you know an FAQ is available on the HSO Website to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions. The full FAQ can be found here.

The Human Subjects Office business hours are 8:00-4:30. The HSO is located in Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, Office 105 (600 Newton Rd.) and can be reached at (319)335-6564 or

2/14/16: NEW! Enhancements to the eResearch (HawkIRB) application are now live in an effort to better inform you of the federal, state, and local policies that may apply to human subject research. We hope you find these enhancements helpful in preparing the eResearch application for IRB review.  The Human Subjects Office is excited to introduce the research community to a new educational tool in HawkIRB. We have affectionately referred to it as the HawkIRB Carousel. The carousel is the new index view you will see when you initiate a form in HawkIRB. The new carousel has replaced the current index view for all new, modifications, modification + continuing review, continuing reviews, and reportable event forms.  Review the enhancements here

The Carousel is a rotating view of the IRB application index. The index remains the same Roman numeral system you are used to seeing in the old index view with enhanced features to guide you in completing the IRB application. This brief tutorial will provide a detailed breakdown of how to use the new Carousel. The Old view was in Outline format as you see below. The new view contains:

  • Better Section headers
  • Section by section breakdown
  • A “What you need to get started” section
  • A “Why the IRB needs the information” section
  • Visual cues representing when a section is complete 

10/22/15: Updates have been made to incorporate the use of External and Central IRB models. Please review the HSO website announcement here or under Central and External IRBs for additional details.

9/1/15:  Updates have been made to Section VII.B in the HawkIRB application for all IRB-01 and IRB-03 project.  Additional questions related to Certificates of Confidentiality (CoC) have also been added for research applications submitted under all IRBs.  For additional information on these updates, please visit the HSO website here.  For specific guidance on these new questions, click on the blue "i" icon(s) associated with each individual question for additional assistance. Or call\email the HSO at or (319)335-6564 if you have questions. Thank you.  

2/9/15: Updates have been made to Section VII.A in the HawkIRB application. These changes were made to address guidance for the research community when the University of Iowa Principal Investigator is the lead PI for a multi site study. In situations when the UI is the lead coordinating center, additional information is required to reflect evidence of a plan to ensure appropriate oversight responsibilities and communications are maintained with all participating sites. To review this revised guidance, click on the blue "i" icon(s) associated with each individual question for additional assistance. Or call\email the HSO at or (319)335-6564 if you have questions. Thank you.

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